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Color and iconography

Color has a visceral effect on us and, when repetitively combined with shape, can powerfully imprint our memories. As an art form I find this an endlessly fascinating method of creative expression. Think about it; Stop Sign red or a white apple or golden arches…Iconography in our daily life trains us, reminds us - even… Continue reading Color and iconography

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Sliding into summer; creative projects

I’ve been enjoying that in-between feeling where the last blossoms of spring are falling and the snorts of hot air are pushing the new plantings towards the sky. Nights are sometimes still cool here and the unpredictable New England climate makes my mind wander into centuries past when creativity here was necessity to thrive. It’s… Continue reading Sliding into summer; creative projects

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It’s all for love; being a Creative

Do what you love. Do it FOR love. In this month of romance I am reflecting on what it means to be passionate about something outside of someONE. Not fulfilling our innate longing makes us less lovable, in a constant state of unrest and totally incomplete. Sorry Tom Cruise, another human being cannot “complete us”;… Continue reading It’s all for love; being a Creative

Art Explorations, Creative Projects, Life Inspirations

The power of going home

It is the month that millions of us “go home”.  It has been said that “there is no place..” like it.  It is that place where we feel most like ourselves, feel refuge and can breathe in the memories. And for me those feelings translate even deeper; a place where I can feel inspired to… Continue reading The power of going home

Creative Projects

Canterbury self-serve Barn Store opening

What does one esthetician do when so many of her good clients who need their skincare products are are so far away from her studio? Mail order works, but for me personally, I like the experience of tactile shopping, exploring new products and having face to face time with the person I trust.  So I… Continue reading Canterbury self-serve Barn Store opening