Euchlora Color Banke cosmetics

COLOR BANKE COLOR: A huge banke of color with timeless standards, a changing array of seasonal hues and one-of-a-kind shades.  Free of added allergenic fragrances, no comedogenic dyes and no toxic paraben preservatives.  Made for Euchlora in the USA.


Try on make-up anytime the counter is not occupied.  Custom blended products also available without a lesson by appointment.

color 1Eye shadow: pressed shadow powder, matte and mineral lustre; custom-filled into refillable compacts.

  • Individual pans, no compact  $6.50
  • 5-pan refillable compact with sable brush  $15
  • Single-pan empty non-refillable compact with screw on lid  $6

Pencils, eyes:

  • Retractable water-resistant or sharpened gel mineral, plastic case  $15
  • Wooden barrel  $7.50

Mascara, sensitive eyes formula, lash building:

  • Black, black-brown and soft brown  $12.50


  • Under eye & spot treatment, mineral based, tube with wand  $12.50
  • Custom blended camouflage concealer, pot.  $22 (see Custom-Blended Color Banke)

color 2Lips: 

  • Creamy long-last lipsticks; matte and mineral lustre  $15.00
  • Tinted Sheer conditioning lipstick; $15
  • Custom blended lipsticks; natural botanical butter base or SPF creme base tinted with mineral color and lustre.  Saturated or sheer color. (see Custom-Blended Color Banke)  $25
  • Mica Shimmer Gloss, tube with wand, shiny sheer mineral color  $15
  • Custom blended tinted treatment balm in pot, mineral color  $20

Pencils, lips:

  • Wooden barrel mineral color; $8

Cheeks, pressed powder blush custom-filled into refillable compacts:

  • Individual pans of color, $7.50
  • Empty single refillable compact with screw-off top  $7.50