Hand-crafted formulas using local ingredients and herbs harvested from my organic gardens.  Packaging is historically correct including the border artwork that was scanned from an original Canterbury Shaker product!

Available here in my studio and at the Concord Coop; Concord, NH.  Will be available at Canterbury Shaker Village starting in the 2018 season.

ROSE GERANIUM Foaming Wash for face, hair and body.  Rose geranium was an herb used by 20th century Shakers in the production of their cosmetics.

Pump to dispense luxurious soothing foam; massage onto skin. Rinse.
Contains: Distilled water, tincture of rose geranium leaves from my organic Canterbury gardens (deep cleansing, brightening & purifying properties), kosher vegetable glycerin, polyglucose, sulfosuccinate, alpha olefin sulfonate, cocomidopropylamine, citric acid, gluconolactone, sodium Benzoate.  4oz   $24

CALENDULA AND HONEY cleanser and masque for face and neck. The Shakers maintained bee hives and used honey in many of their medicines. NOTE: this is same cleanser as Euchlora MeadowMilk simply relabeled for this line.

To wash, massage onto skin, add water, massage again then remove with wash cloth. Or leave on for 10 mins. as moisture masque; remove.
Contains: Distilled water, honey (natural enzymes deep clean), meadow foam seed oil, raw vegetable Ecocert CreamMaker, sunflower seed wax, fractionated coconut & palm oils, cocoglucose, gluco-nolactone, sodium Benzoate, essential oils of calendula & orange blossoms.  4oz $30

QUINCE AND CRANBERRY hydration lotion for face, hands and body. The Shakers made hand creams from quince seed using 18th century methods.

Smooth onto skin and rub in.
Contains: mucilage from quince fruit seeds (soothing and hydrating properties similar to aloe), sweet almond
oil, olive oil fractions (stearic acid/ceteareth-20/cetearyl olivate/sorbitan olivate), cranberry seed oil, (anti-oxidant, anti-aging,), oat oil (soothing), gluconolactone, sodium benzoate, sodium citrate.  4oz $30

LAVENDER AND BILBERRY BATH FIZZ soothing body soak.  20th century Canterbury Shakers made & sold bath salts to the many visitors at their village. They grew their own lavender & those beds are still there today.

Dump 2-4 T. into a full tub of warm water; soak body or feet. The effervescence, herbs & minerals will sooth skin & relieve muscle aches.
Contains: Sodium bicarbonate, colloidal oatmeal, citric acid, epsom salt, arrowroot, bilberry & beet root,
& french lavender essential oil (healing & soothing). 1/3lb $24

HERB AND MINERAL Masque powder for cuts, rashes or acne.  18th century Shakers applied herbal poultices—masques—to the skin to draw out toxins & heal it. These herbs are varieties they grew and sold.

Dry up acne, poison ivy & bug bites, or sooth rashes & wounds or smooth facial skin. Mix w/liquid to apply. Recipes inside. Contains: French green clay, arrowroot, colloidal oatmeal, bentonite, allantoin, southernwood & comfrey leaf
from my organic Canterbury gardens, chlorella algae.  1/4lb $24  

PUMPKIN SEED AND ORANGE penetrating lip balm.  Apply to sooth and protect lips.  Contains: shea butter, vitamin E, pumpkin seed oil, kukui nut oil, vegetable oil, orange peel wax, beeswax.  1/2oz.  $14  NOTE: this is the same lip balm I have made for years simply repackaged and double the size.