Mixed Media Artist

I come from a multi-generational family of artists and, with their inspiration, have been expressing my esthetic in various art forms for my entire life.

Juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen

Master Esthetician

For the past 40 years I have been practicing holistic, paramedical skin care, formulating skincare products and custom-blending make-up.

Master Colorist

Through my personal explorations in color I have developed a system that I use in all my art work.  I have taught this system & consulted with it for the last several decades.

Coming from a 3 generational family of artists, I have always been aware of color. It is part of the filter through which I see the world. In the 1980s when I began work as a make-up artist and Personal Color Analyst, it was only natural that my own perspective on color developed into a methodology which veered me away from the standardized 4-color seasonal theories. What I discovered instead was an astoundingly accurate method of categorizing color with 3 entirely separate wheels. This method, which I call The Triadic Color Theory System©, utilizes the Fibonacci Number Sequence and has held true for me all these years in both my customized make-up artistry and my textile artwork.

My interest in skincare began in my teens when my own skin sensitivities could not be addressed with standard products or mainstream advice. This led me to research the cosmetic and natural remedy industry where I discovered that most products were  either toxic or terribly congesting to the skin. I then began making my own pure, homemade kitchen concoctions to remedy my own skin, which has morphed over the years to my present day products that embrace the science & technology of modern skincare while adhering to the principles of holistic health and herbal alchemy.

Career milestones:

– Make-up artistry for stage, video and film

– Color consultant for the architectural industry and interior design

– Taught theory to estheticians and artists

– Artwork hanging in corporations and homes across the United States

– Featured in media; magazines such as Yankee, New Hampshire and NH Home.

– Juried member of League of NH Craftsmen

– Featured in the film “A League of Our Own; New Hampshire and the American Craft Movement”

– Interior design make-overs for League of NH Craftsmen galleries.

– A pioneer in Holistic Cosmetic Dermaceuticals since 1970

– An industry leader in Paramedical Esthetics since 1980

– Founder of the California based Dom Ivana Skin Remedy Center and developer of Dom Ivana skincare products; sold business in 2002.

– Spa Consultant & trainer for multiple spas including 5-star Napa Valley Auberge du Soleil.

– Referenced in media; Aromatherapy Journal, Departure Magazine, San Francisco Chronicle, New Hampshire magazine, talk radio and others.

– Active clients across the United States

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