“Alchemy: a seemingly magical process of transformation, creation or combination.”

I have been practicing alchemy since age 9, when I fashioned a pair of shoes from cardboard, ribbon and black walnut half-shells. I wanted to wear shoes that made the clicking sound of grown-up heeled shoes, and it worked!
That walnut-shoe moment infused me with the confidence to embrace this idea of making something new from random parts. Whether blending color, formulating skincare or transforming ingredients in my kitchen, alchemy best describes all that I do. Throughout my life I have innovated through artistic processes, developing a renaissance-like lifestyle. My home and my studios are one constant joyful experiment: the alchemy of a life well lived.

Jane, the artist

I come from a multi-generational family of artists and, with their inspiration, have been expressing my esthetic in various art forms for my entire life.

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Juried member of the League of NH Craftsmen

Jane, the master esthetician

I have been practicing holistic, paramedical skin care, and make-up artistry for over 40 years.

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Jane, the alchemist

As the kid who always asked “why?” I have been informally studying chemistry for my entire life to understand the physical world around me.

artist—silversmith—jeweler—seamstress—quilter—tailor—felter—upholsterer—painter—printer—carpenter—writer—poet—philosopher—graphic designer—photographer—display artist—interior designer—recipe developer—heirloom gardener—landscape designer—aromatherapist—cosmetic chemist—skin care formulator—make-up artist

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