About Jane

As an intuitively curious person, I am interested in our relationship with the natural world and in exploring the sense of awe we feel when we recognize our physical selves in its proportions and balance.

I explore this sense of awe through various outlets of creative expression.  I make color-driven, layered fiber art and all sorts of painted works that use the Golden Ratio found in nature. Through this I size my work, blend my paint colors and decide the harmonies I will use.  In the same way that we recognize ourselves in nature, my intention is that the result will feel familiar and therefore comforting because we see ourselves in it through those same proportions we view in the mirror each day.

This exploration of color and design is endlessly inspiring to me. Through the years it has taken on many forms, as my studio is a true workshop of diverse media.

As a third generation artist, color has always been part of the filter through which Jane sees the world. In the 1980s when she began work as a make-up artist and personal color analyst, her perspective on color developed into a methodology which veered  away from the standardized Four Season color theories. What she discovered instead was an astoundingly accurate method of categorizing color by three entirely separate wheels. This method, which she calls The Triadic Color Theory System©, utilizes the Fibonacci number sequence and has held true throughout her aesthetic career and into  her textile artwork when she began quilt-making in the 1990s.

Read more about Jane’s color theory here…

A proud member of the League of NH Craftsmen since 2003.

IN THE NEWS: New Hampshire Business Community for the Arts, February 2021; Corporate Collaboration

IN THE NEWS: NH Home Magazine July/August 2020 “Master of her Craft”

IN FILM: See this short video about me talking about my work August 2020


  • The Daniel and Denise Roberts collection
  • The Emily Preston collection
  • The Natalie Wolf collection
  • The Charles and Judith Kupperman collection
  • The League of NH Craftsmens permanent collection


  • Hebrew Senior Life Center; Boston, MA
  • Frisbie Memorial Hospital; Rochester, NH
  • Sanborn, Head and Associates; Concord, NH
  • Ouellette & Associates; Bedford, NH
  • Baker Newman Noyes; Manchester, NH


  • Two Villages Art Society; 2020
  • League of NH Craftsmen Art, Craft and Design; 2003 – 2020
  • League of NH Craftsmen headquarters gallery 2003 – 2020
  • Portsmouth Historical Society Discovery Center “New Hampshire Folk Art” 2019
  • Eversource Corporation SOLO 2018
  • Anderson-Soule gallery “The Language of Color” SOLO 2006
  • New England Quilt Museum, Lowell, MA; NW Barrette Gallery, Portsmouth, NH; Thorne-Sagendorph Art Gallery, Keene, NH; The Brush Gallery, Lowell, MA; International Quilt Festival, Houston, TX – selected 2005 – 2008
  • Auberge du Soleil; St Helena, CA. 2000
In the sewing studio
Painting in the wet studio