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Traditional roots, modern interpretation. Using traditional techniques of quilt making, these modern art pieces feature my hand-painted fabrics. Previously sold quilts…

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Decking the halls. PART TWO: The Keeping Room

The Keeping Room. A term from the 18th century that refers to the room nearest the warmth of the cook-in fireplace where the family activities took place. The is the room where David and I start and end each day, over coffee in the morning and a “beverage” each evening just before dinner. So this… Continue reading Decking the halls. PART TWO: The Keeping Room

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A day in the herb garden and kitchen

The last of the dishes are washed, my guests are gone and I am still reveling in the scent of green.  Today I held a Cooking with Herbs class celebrating the multi-cultural traditions of eating the first herbs of spring and it was  s o   m u c h   f u n! When living from… Continue reading A day in the herb garden and kitchen

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Me and Monet

We had a special guest for easter; Claude Monet.  In fact, he was here all that week during my mid-night sleepless hours as I re-read his cooking journals in the book Monet’s Table.  To submerge myself in his aesthetic for life – outside of his aesthetic on canvas – is a comforting reminder for me that… Continue reading Me and Monet

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A nod to pumpkins

This post, that was intended for release on Halloween, missed its publication date due to the huffing and puffing of Sandy and our subsequent power outage.  As outdated as the  subject matter seems, I know my family would like to see the photos within; and the Woopie recipe at the end with all its pumpkin-spice… Continue reading A nod to pumpkins