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A new venture

Creativity takes many forms.  You have heard me say that time and time again.

You have seen me continually evolving; trying new things, trying new mediums, trying and failing and succeeding.  It all has been a joy.

One constant in my creative life has been my kitchen.  And based on multitude of comments I get when I have shared about food, it makes me think that you too love that form of creativity too.  In fact, when I look at all my blog posts from the past 15 years, the food posts have overwhelmingly been the most read and commented on.

So you may be happy to hear that, along with my husband, we have taken the next leap into creativity and have opened a new version of the Canterbury Country Store with kitchen for prepared foods and interesting bakes! We spent the entire summer remodeling the place exercising another form of creativity to update this historic building and opened on the last day of September.

I invite you dear reader to take a peak and what we are doing and perhaps subscribe to the new blog where you will find weekly food inspirations.  And if you are near me, our Grand Opening celebration is this week-end, November 3-5.

Spruced up interior with new ceiling and new lighting.
The former storage room
The former garage is now a seating area with art gallery.

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