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Decking the halls and the walls and the tiniest of details. PART FOUR FINAL: Outside

Merry Christmas eve and happy winter solstice! As we dive deep into these dark winter days Dave and I live by twinkly light to remind us of springtime yet to come. It lights our spirits and helps keep our creative spirits alive.

Part of my winter tradition is to light the exterior of our property too. Passersby enjoy it and it gives me such a boast to arrive home to the greeting and look out the windows at it as well. This is, in fact, another art project.

The gallery shop at the back of our property always has tree. It is wonderful to see it as we drive up and makes a cheery setting when folks come to see art.

The back door and the powder room just inside reflect our bird and tree theme. The “trees” are a collection of whimsical artwork; my kindergarten clay tree, my mini-tree from last years post and children’s & grandchildren’s paper art. A buttoned fabric tree came from my mother-in-law’s collection…looks handmade and I wonder if Christine made it. ???

We light the roadside near my studio sign…colored lights expressing the colored artwork we both do here.

A garden laid to rest. Bean obelisk now a lit tree. And the shed a place to rest the eyes on delicious color.

Cold winters evoke warm drinks and my daughter Whitney came up with this very delicious and wholesome hot cocoa recipe. It is unbelievably good…

Cocoa powder, honey, stevia and milk of choice. Download the full recipe here…

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