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Decking the halls. PART THREE: the Center of the Home.

No doubt the kitchen is the center of our home and this time of year is self-decorated with all the specialties of the season. The stove top starts our day with fresh-ground, slow dripped coffee, in-between is baking bread & hand-prepping meals then ends at the butcher block with the pouring of a day-clearing beverage. Warm colors and magical lighting helps us feel as though we are stepping into an other place in time so all the effort is worth it 100 fold.

A different view of the kitchen from last years post gives a glimpse of some of my artwork; heritage apples hand-painted on cotton sewn onto a painted & pieced background, and an abstract stretched quilt with one of my poems printed on it.

Our Christmas cookies this year…

   – Cinnamon cranberry linzer cookies

    – Christmas-spice cherry almond cookie

    – Quinoa & almond maple-honey lebkuchen cookies GF

    – Vanilla spritz cookies

    – Coffee toffee crunch cookies

    – Triple nut crescent moon cookies

    – Chocolate peppermint whoopie pies

    – Sicilian mint patty bars

   – Butter Pecan fruit loaf slices

The little tree on the butcher block featured felt ornaments made by my sister Niña along with other whimsical baking related ornaments . If you saw the last post you will see the tiny replica of this kitchen tree that I created just for fun.

Looking over my stove cook top I see into the dining room and outside to a view of our cottage across the road and to the mountains.

I seem to always use fruit in my Christmas decor. It is a tradition that goes back centuries when fresh fruit was hard to come by and therefore made a statement when displayed.

I always decorate the double window in the kitchen, usually with garland and usually with a tree on the table that my grandfather painted. My succulent got so big when it vacationed on the patio this summer so the only place it fit for its winter holiday was on the table. But to me it’s arms looked like candles so I embellished it with “more” candles using floral wire. Maybe we will light them on Christmas eve just like a Victorian Christmas tree! And this year my wee basket collection got to live in the faux olive and hops garlands.

I hope you enjoyed this weeks tour of my home. Please leave a comment; it means so much. See you next week, Jane

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6 thoughts on “Decking the halls. PART THREE: the Center of the Home.”

  1. Gosh Jane, so many beautiful, fun decorations, I love them! Thanks for sharing all of these posts, they’re inspirational!

  2. Dear Jane, Your house is decorated so perfect and so inviting and cozy feeling. I surely do miss you. I adore your posts and appreciate you taking the time to share. Something you do so well. I won’t fire away with the many questions floating through my head. Remain, healthy and happy. Sending warm wishes to you and yours….Robin

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