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Heart yourself!

On this day of commercialized romantic love I want to encourage the idea of self-love, of appreciating and embracing our own unique self. As a creative, when I am in my full self I can be quite quirky so am often dismissed. How about you? Enjoy this poem I wrote around this time in 2014 that expresses my own thoughts on the subject.

A Complete Heart

Push, squish, dump my dish
over-flowing with awakened delight.
Stamp, tamp, put out my flame.
Why not a fed soul shed with light?!!

Don’t mold me or fold me 
or pocket my essence away.
Nor tsk-tsk me or shish me
I am invited to stay!

By special invitation each one is given
to be the sum of their whole.
Each part makes up a complete heart;
imperfections plus experience equals soul.

Who really knows what we each hold,
gifts mired deep in our sludge.
To find them, then wear them, without a tear then
have the courage to expand without judge.

This world is our life, with and without strife. 
Have strength to stand your own ground.
For well exercised talents made rich with full palettes              
lifts our community with clear resound.

copyright, Jane Balshaw 2/2014
Molded cotton-rag heart tinted with textile paint and embellished with mica. On hand painted cotton fabric.

8 thoughts on “Heart yourself!”

  1. I love what you wrote! And the accompanying artwork is gorgeous too. My sisters and I decided we love February 15th…when chocolates and flowers go on sale!

  2. Hi Jane! Happy Valentine’s Day. You are an original, one of a kind! Your fabric heart looked as though it had suffered some wounds but was still strong and very much intact. Love, Walter

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