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16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 15

16 color grad DAY 15

Frisky feet.  Feelin’ a little Italian yesterday, like kicking up some heels.  It was my second to the last treatment.   A friend who had just visited Italy once told me how amazed she was that the women there could manage walking on cobblestone streets in really high-heeled shoes.  I thought I would channel the likes of Sophia.

So I wobbled in.  Concad, New Hampsha.

Receptionists in the lobby (who didn’t know about the game):  Ok, let’s see what shoes you have on today.  Ooooow and the nail polish matches your clothes.  And the earrings and make-up too!

Me:  Why thank you.  It’s part of the game. (Explanation, etc)

Tech one:  I like your nail polish.

Me: Why thank you.

Tech two: Have you worn those before?

Well of COURSE not!  This is the whole point of the game.  But then again she wasn’t there from the beginning.



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  1. Shoes are awesome! Just got a similar pair myself….sans the high heels. Love, love, love the color look! Hmmmmm…. so many choices.

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