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16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 13

16 color grad DAY13b

I felt like I was getting a cat-scan.  Flat on my back, all eyes moving up and down my body from head to toe and back again.

Tech:  You kind of have a metallic thing going on today.

Me in my head:  Oh, is that what it is?  I was just playing off the texture in the shoes. And my eye color.  And my skin tone.  And my hair color.  Oh, and the toe nail polish….

Techs:  We love that necklace and earrings.

Me: Why thank you.  It’s date night with Davie.

Too bad I wore grayed colors on a day when it was dark (and rainy) AGAIN; and when the techs work in a dark room all day.  It sans gushing.  Color lifts the spirits; but then again I know this!  There is always tomorrow.  Stay tuned…

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