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16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 11

12 color grad DAY 11

A day on the run for me—figuratively not literally.  Have you seen me running on the road?  I think not.  My version of running; up and down the freeway, up and down the stairs, standing for hours, bending, lifting…

I thought for sure someone would comment on my ergonomic asymetrical sneakers but apparently most everyone else besides me is athletic and so they were just passe´.   All eyes were on the earrings instead…

Brand new tech:  Oh look at those earrings…are they wired? Are they a loop? Are they beads? Are they strung?

Me trying to get a word in edgewise:  They are….

Head nurse rushing over:  Let me see?  Oh they are really great.

Me: Thank you.  They are…

Old tech: Such a great color.

Me: They are…

New tech: We only get to see Johnnies in here so it is great see to jewelry.

Where have I heard that before?

And in case you were wondering, they are turquoise and shell beads made by Native Americans that I picked up at the market in Sante Fe, New Mexico.  Still glad to be entertaining… 🙂

6 thoughts on “16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 11”

  1. Your turquoise brings me memories of my pseudo-hippie youth! I have been following your journey with pleasure and thank you for sharing.


    1. If I have to admit, the earrings do come from MY pseudo-hippie days! I really liked the colors and style of that time period but was really too conservative to embrace what it was actually about! Thanks for letting me know you are enjoying the series!


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