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16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 10

16 color grad 10b

Day off yesterday and raining.  I had planned a trip to the seacoast to take a long walk in the down pour with Claire and then both of us out to lunch with Jane (the other one).  I needed dual-duty shoes.  Nothing screams rain-and-out-to-lunch than a pair of red rubber boots!

While seated in the lounge back in Concord in the afternoon waiting for my appointment…

Head nurse (out of her office, peering around the corner and gazing downward):  Like those!

Me: Thank you.  It has been raining.

Tech (strolling out to get me and gazing downward seriously):  Great!

Then parading me in front of the head nurse: Look at her boots!  “———” loves boots.

Lots of thumbs up, head nods, discussions of how versatile rubber boots can be—in the garden, in the rain…

I think shoes are a universal language.

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  1. You are just too much…in the best of ways!

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