How to read my blog posts

ALWAYS click-through to read my posts on my website; it’s so much better! On a Facebook click anywhere on the post and it takes you there OR if you receive them by email click on the title of the post and it will take you there. Since I include lots of photos and art layouts, you can ONLY appreciate them on the website. Depending on your email program, the photos can be scrambled with words strewn here and there; seasoned blog readers already know this.

I keep hearing from people on this recent series that they “cannot see the make-up” or that they would like to see the shoes near the face.  They are and it is viewable on the website version!

Here is an example of what you would have seen in a recent email, the same thing on Facebook and at the bottom is what you would see on my website. BIG DIFFERENCE!

16 email 1
16 email 2


16 FB


16 web 1
16 web 2
16 web 3


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