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We are all mothers #2


Mother; the giver of life. While it takes two to tango, the carrier is whom we call Mother and who we give credit for life. And while biologically some of us have carried and many of us have not, it is this essence of mothering that I want to honor today because all of us who give life should be honored.

When I think of the phrase “to give life” I rarely think of a biological process because, in my mind, “living” has less to do with a beating heart and more to do with our essence. We use expressions like “the walking dead” and “life-less eyes” to describe those who are lacking that essential spark, so true living must be about our spirit [or whatever you call it]. Right?

Those who inspire our spirit are givers of life and, to my mind, are therefore “mothers”. Think Mother Teresa; there is a reason that celibate nuns who have accomplished giving acts are called mothers. How many have inspired us in our life? Can they also be called Mothers? I think so.

In this context I am sure that you have had occasion in your daily existence to give life to someone; the elderly neighbors whose driveway you snow plow, the admiring words about someone’s gardening efforts, buying lemonade from a kids roadside stand…providing hope, offering meaning, giving life.

Although I love brunch, lets dump the stereotypical commercialism of this day and celebrate motherING. Whether we are estrogen loaded or not I honor the life-giving you have shared in your own daily walk.

I will be in my garden today like always; rain or shine.  Where will you be?  Happy Mothers Day one and all!

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Featured header and footer photos are cupcakes!  Amazing frosting work of art from the Concord Coop Concord, NH.  

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  1. What beautiful sentiments, Jane, and doubly appreciate by those, such as myself, who are not biological mothers but do try to love, honor and cherish others in the same way that mothers do their offspring. A very happy Mother’s Day to you! Hugs, L

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