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16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 4

16 ways color grad DAY 5

Casual Friday today.  Feeling like I need to be comfy and arty funky.


New tech: CUTE shoes!

Old tech: Ha, ha, ha…snort, jiggle, fall over, grab belly, ha, ha, ha!!  I purposely didn’t tell her a THING!!!  I wanted to see if she would notice!

New tech: Yeah, but I already heard about your make-up.

Me: Yeah, it’s a thing now.

Conversation ensued about when we started wearing make-up, what our small children did with our make-up, what was out style when we wore make-up, how little or how much make-up….I have been promised photos.  Now who is entertaining who??  🙂

IMG_4481 (1)

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  1. You are such an inspiration to us all to see the positive side of a situation!

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