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16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 3

day 4 colorsChallenge accepted.

I walked in yesterday and all eyes were on my feet.

Techs:  What shoes are you wearing today?  An oxford WEDGE?!  How cool.

Me:  I know.  LL Bean many seasons ago.

Who knew the Bean had cool in it.

Here is today’s look; I call it Pearl with a Twist.  I will let you know tomorrow how it was received.

6 thoughts on “16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 3”

  1. My computer “skills” aren’t enough for me to figure out how to send your colorful salad and garden photos to a friend outside of Auburn California….a seasoned gardener with acres and devoted vegetarian (except fish daily, no sugar)…slim and lovely at almost 80….that’s Ellie. Can u help? I am not sure about her computer skills either so it has to be fairly simple and direct. i.e. this email’s priority message would not be relevant to her. ps….I love today’s fashion show…this is fun and I hope making your daily appt easier to endure.

    1. Jan, at the post of each post on the website there is a button that says EMAIL. Click on it then enter Ellies email address and the site will send her the post. Alternatively, if you simply copy the URL address up in your browser window of any place on the website (pages or posts) that you like you can paste it into an email for her. She would simply click on that link and the page would open up.

      When you get the emails ALWAYS click on the title so you can read the post on the website instead of just email…pictures are better, layout is better, the whole reading experience is better.

      Hope that helps!

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