16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 2 Introduction

DAy 3 color gradCreativity happens when you least expect it.  I have started some medical treatments that require me to be flat on my back wearing those adorable “johnnies” which initially leave only my feet and my face exposed.  On the plus side of this, gravity works wonders on my face and conversation is sparked in the most unusual ways.

Techs: I like your shoes.

Me: Why thank you.  They are comfortable.

Techs: Your earrings are very cool.

Me: Why thank you.  Santa Fe, New Mexico many years ago.

Techs: We only get to see jewelry, shoes and make-up in here.

Me: Well I will see what I can do to keep you entertained.

Techs:  As if anyone has that many shoes…

Me in my mind:  WELL!  They don’t know me very well—so the challenge began. A different pair of shoes with matching earrings and coordinated make-up each time I go.

Here is day two and I am on my way.  Let’s see what their reaction is.  At the end of this series I will show you what I did on day 1.  Maybe I can start a new fashion trend: ugly baby flannel wraps with style.

Hate those cell phone selfies…so distorting.  Got get a new camera.

19 responses to 16 ways, sixteen days. DAY 2 Introduction

  1. robinm333

    your beauty shines through no matter what.
    Sending love from the road


    • janebalshaw creative Post Author

      There is a reason I collect shoes…old always looks new again eventually! 🙂 I am actually really great…just dealing with a little bump in the road of life. Thanks for asking!


  2. Writer Lori

    Your creativity carries you gracefully through every challenge, Jane, and girl, you look gorgeous, whatever the color you’re sporting. Love your spirit!! Hugs, L


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