Color Theory

How to wear those difficult spring colors!


spring color strip; janebalshaw.comFashion colors change from season to season, and now even within each season change several times!  As a result in any one given shopping spree we are likely to encounter racks of color that we either dislike or have a hard time wearing.  But if we really need a new garment and are forced to purchase something-anything or perhaps we are feeling a bit adventurous, trying a new color can be fun.

In the stores right now is a range of tropical inspired colors that many of us detest.  Yellow, orange and green are the hardest colors to wear and they seem to dominate the most fashionable racks right now.  Here are my suggestions on how to wear these various shades.

Yellow is a happy color but most people are afraid of it.  Everyone has a shade that they can wear effectively and the secret to wearing it is how you combine it with other colors to soften the effect.  Accessories and make-up are what do this.

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Green is an inspiring color that settles our mood yet many people are afraid that it will dull their complexion.  The key is how you frame your face with accessory color.  Wearing cooler tones of make-up and accessories are pretty important when wearing warm greens rather than trying to match it directly.  Conversely, earthy greens, like one shown here, actually become a form of neutral which makes it much more wearable.

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Denim blue is not really considered a hard color to wear but it takes some strategy to wear it and not appear as tho we are doing farm chores.  The look this season is wearing denim head to toe; this is the key to donning it as street wear.  Hues of denim vary and we each have a shade that looks best on us.

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If you would like help accessorizing your spring wardrobe purchases, I would be happy to help during your free-of-charge spring Artist’s Update Make-up Session.

If you would like help determining exactly which shades of color are best worn by you, consider my Personal Color Analysis.



4 thoughts on “How to wear those difficult spring colors!”

  1. What a great blog for the first day of spring. Happy Spring to you and all your followers! The colors in nature will be showing sooner then later. Still lots of white out there.
    Time to change up the wardrobe i suppose. Thanks for making this possible for all of us.
    Love and sunny wishes to fun colors…..robin


  2. Hi Jane,
    What a great message for the first day of spring…Our outdoor spring colors will soon be on their way as well as the ones we choose from our wardrobes. Thanks for the reminders and thanks for helping us look our very best. Big Smiles…robin


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