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Using all your senses for art

"Fashion in the Woods" copyrighted 7:2016

For years I have been fascinated with the concept that we absorb information more completely if we use multiple senses to observe with. Like learning anything new, the observation of art is much more intensified and enjoyable if we can hear it, taste and feel it while seeing it.  Have you ever heard a passionate person say “I could taste that music it was so good!”???

In Candace Perts book “The Molecules of Emotion” she describes this process. Joy is felt when the brain synapses fire to trigger the release of molecular hormones that in turn make us feel emotion. The external sensory receptors in the body engage this process, therefore the more senses that are involved, the stronger the emotion we feel. So the enjoyment of art is greater if we can experience it on many different levels.

As an experiment I am attaching a video for you to watch and experience my latest piece of painted, quilted art I just finished. I am reading the poem that is printed into the cloth which I wrote. Your experience will be further enhanced if you enjoy it with a glass of oaky cabernet wine, some bar-b-que or some smoked gouda cheese. Why? Because the smell of the forest of the forest floor is woody-damp, fermented and smoky (like those foods) and part of how we taste is through smell. Those foods smelled & tasted while imagining the woods should make the art come more alive to you.

Please leave a comment to let me know how this affected you.

Love Jane

NOTE: I hope to have a show next year in which the entire art installation engages mult-senses.

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