We are all mothers

Spring flower planters; janebalshaw.comNot all of us choose to be a mother of a human child but “mothering” is a common experience among all of us. Consider the spirit of mothering; of selflessness, of nurturing, of mentoring…. we are all mothers when at our best.

The problem with these commercialized holidays like today is that they can exclude so many. But I say we are all mothers. We mother our pets, we mother our gardens, we mother along a laborious art project, we mother within charitable organizations… The spirit of mothering is not exclusive to those who have raised or are currently raising human children but to all who embrace the biological wiring of our feminine selves, to care deeply and nurture broadly.

Don’t get me wrong; I do enjoy that my human children give me a shout-out on this day. I have given them the freedom not to however. I don’t expect it to be any different on this media imposed holiday but it is always a treat when they do. So today I will honor myself as a mothering person by doing what I love the best, tending my gardens [yes, in the rain] and taking a long bath.

I send you the permission to honor your own mothering today outside of the expectation that someone must do it for you. Happy mothers day!

IMG_3149Love, Jane

8 responses to We are all mothers

  1. robinm333

    Hope you had a long hot soak after mothering and nurturing your loving living garden. Here’s to all of us….♡♡♡


  2. Karla Meyette

    And how about those of us who are now “mothering” our mothers? It is often a lonely, thankless job but one we choose to do. Sincerely, Karla


    • janebalshaw creative Post Author

      Yes! This is double mothering…and so true that is often thankless. So let’s send out thank you right now to acknowledge those. Thank you for commenting Karla. 😊


  3. cecile

    I am glad you had the mothers day of your choice….working in the garden and pampering your self is a way of honoring yourself as a mother. I never have expectations or demands that my children honor me on mothers day…the call on a Tuesday or Friday for no other reason than to touch base is better than the obligatory call or gift. We spent the day enjoying the garden and our furry friend.


    • janebalshaw creative Post Author

      Cecile, I like that. Doing what we want, what makes us feel good, IS honoring ourselves as a mother. I glad you got to do it too! Who is your furry friend?? Ahola!


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