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The best color for spring; gray!

Gray haired women collage; janebalshaw.comIt is quite the topic here in the studio; to gray or not to gray.  For those of us who have voluntarily or involuntarily chosen to let our hair go that way, I want to offer encouragement.  Gray is a magical color because it makes every other color next to it look better.

Photographers know this. Rolls of neutral gray back-drop paper are manufactured to set off still-life objects.

Graphic artists know this. The gray-scale in computer design software points to a 50% gray as the perfect tone for balance.

And nature knows this. Ever wonder why colorful autumn leaves look so intense on an overcast day? Or why an aging face looks so bright? It is that frame of gray that points out and showcases the color it surrounds.

This colorless color is the combination of all colors so it harmonizes with every color. Softened with light, it visually gives rest to the optic nerves so color can be perceived without distraction and helps to delineate form.

Color case in point; this spring’s most popular color in fashion “rose quartz”.  Here it is all alone…pink but sort of flat looking.Rose quartz no grayHere it is with a little gray…rose quartz collage whiteAnd with a lot of gray…now that looks pink, don’t you think?  rose quartz collage grayNotice here that the photographer choose a gray background to photograph against …New-York-Rose-Quartz-FashionAnd in this photo the stylist accessorized with gray to punch up the soft tone of pink.Fashion-Fix-Rose-quartz-2

NOTE:  I just created my own version of rose quartz here in the studio for lips…Tinted Sheer lip color in this all-natural lip-conditioning formula of plant oils and waxes plus loads of vitamin E keeps lips soft.  $15.

Rose Quarts tinted sheer lipstick;

Gray eye shadow teams well with soft lips and helps to shape the eye by letting its color be the focus in the picture.  Because gray has red, yellow and blue in it, grays vary in tonation so there is a perfect shade for each skin color and eye color.  Brownish gray, purpley gray, blue gray, silvery gray…want to know which shade is your gray?  Book an appointment.

Gray eyeshadow;

So when the gray hair starts to come in, consider that this is a gift that nature gives us.  It softens the changes in our skin color, showcases our eyes and blurs any wisdom lines.   Love, Jane

My varying shades of grey;

Good skincare helps stimulate blood flow and helps your skin to renew and enlivens its color.  Can I help you with a skincare routine or a facial?  Can I help you with a new look at make-up?  Or can I simply hold your hand if you decide to go gray.  Let me know ….please reply or comment.



4 thoughts on “The best color for spring; gray!”

  1. I love the color of your hair Jane and all your colors…you always shine and radiate out….i can’t wait to see what my gray will look like one of these dayz….xxoxoxo


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