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In-between inspirations; Happy New Year!

winter lights;

Ended but not started. Here but not yet there.  Resting but still awake.  It takes great trust to reside in this state of limbo; to know that what has been planned will unfold with its own natural ease… like the December holidays passing into a New Year and like I am experiencing with the closing of my business life in Portsmouth to reopen in Canterbury.

The possibilities can be divine while in this state so I am embracing the tingling sensation of dangling in front of the unknown. What once was routine doesn’t have to be, old can become new and the often blurry lines that divide life’s road become more clear.  I like “in between”. It is like watching puzzle pieces fit together to give rise to a whole new picture.

Every year at this time I intentionally put myself in this flux to re-imagine my life.  I set aside a block of time to go still inside myself free of unnecessary chatter or input from the people around me.  I try to observe my surroundings in a detached way looking from the outside in.  It’s easy to look from the inside out but to self-observe is to understand where we fit in. For me, this is one of the jumping off points for original creative thought.

Here are some images of things that are inspiring me at the close of this year. I hope you have a creative start to your new year!

Hachiya persimmons and raw pistachios; special ingredients as part of my Christmas meal.  I am reminded that I can be too small in my thinking; where these foods & colors are predictable is a whole world away.  I want to be more culturally aware.

Persimmons & pistach;

Winter red; I am reminded of the importance of rest.  Nature uses red in small amounts to signal an alert.  Too much red is weary and I like the fact that these dabs of red are surrounded by the neutrality of white winter snow and brown branches to create visual rest. This is a good proportion to remember in work and life.

winter red;

Candlelight; I am reminded of the mystery of the night.  I want to be more observant of the stars and the moon patterns because they affect us (especially women!)  In November I bought my first Farmers Almanac and used it to plan long-range weather for my move – it was right on!

observing night;

Simple joy; while watching other in pure bliss it reminds me to slow down to savor the simple moments in life.  Mike; passionately, totally absorbed in cooking – a great friend.  Developmentally handicapped, sweet, sweet spirited Carl enjoying the music to “Here Comes Santa Claus”.  Carl is cared for by our cousins Bob and Terri.

Simple joys;

The great outdoors; when I see my cats in such a state of rapture just because they are outdoors it reminds me of what they know internally – health, wellness and groundedness comes from breathing in fresh air.  I must prioritize my habit of daily walking.

the joy of outdoors

Happy new year!

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