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The power of going home

DSC03669It is the month that millions of us “go home”.  It has been said that “there is no place..” like it.  It is that place where we feel most like ourselves, feel refuge and can breathe in the memories. And for me those feelings translate even deeper; a place where I can feel inspired to create the memories… to feel inspired and feel creative. So at the end of December I am going home to my former abode to do just that, to recapture my creative self.

For those who have followed me you will know that one year ago I moved to Portsmouth, New Hampshire to be near my business that I had relocated there over 3 years ago. The lure of this colonial-era seaport city is undeniable; quaint brick streets lined with historic homes, innovative shops & theatre, restaurants galore with gardens & water everywhere – what’s not to love?!  However, in the long-term, I could not hear my spirit there in that busy city, I could not observe nature in silence and my creativity had lost it’s get-up-and-go. But this is just me – I am a sensitive soul that needs quiet* – for others it is observantly the opposite.

So I am announcing that at the end of December I am moving myself and my business back to my home in Canterbury, NH, to it’s multiple art studios and my beloved gardens. In January I will reopen my esthetics spa, colour & art studios there in a new bigger way to the pleading of my faithful clients and my internal longing. This property that was for sale, and did not sell, had saved itself for me.

FullSizeRender_3FullSizeRender_4Redefining myself:
“Things happen for a reason” is a popular expression as though we had no part in the outcome of events. I have observed, instead, that when we allow ourselves stillness to pay attention to the world around us, to pay attention to the small voice in our heads [God?] and allow ourselves to notice what the rhythms of nature are telling us, we can come to some powerful conclusions about our life and its direction.
For several years I have felt at odd with what seemed like my desperate avenues of creativity. Perhaps this was part of the turning 60 phenomenon or perhaps it was part of not being still enough. Life seemed loud and I had a restless itch driven, I think, by what interesting societal trends were dictating. I doubted who I was because it seemed like too much and not enough. I tried to compartmentalize all of my avenues of expression because I thought one would diminish the other. But in the end – as I knew all along – creativity feeds creativity, we are who we are and the more we just BE, the more successful and fulfilling our life is.

FullSizeRenderPart of my return to my home-that-did-not-sell is because it supports all that I do seamlessly. In a way it is the outward expression of my inward self; studios unfolding onto studios, gardens wafting into kitchen spaces, all connected in the way that my thoughts are.  One creative thought in one space inspires creativity in another…this is actually what art and creativity is all about.

I welcome you to follow this adventure with me.  Subscribe to this blog and please tell your friends to do so also.

Love, Jane
*Recommended reading: “Quiet: The power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking”, by Susan Cain.  Thank you to Brian and Lenny at Northwood Chairs who recommended this book to my husband and I this summer. It rocked our world and sparked the change that I needed. 



26 thoughts on “The power of going home”

  1. It is always such a good feeling to finally realize where you belong….an aha moment. Welcome home it is a good thing for all of us! sending lots of love


  2. Welcome home Jane! When work and life flow seamlessly it is a sign that you are in the perfect space for you right now. I’m glad you were able to find the quiet that let you hear where you needed to be. Hope to see you soon. Love you.


  3. Wow, Jane!! What a change and transition. I’m so impressed that you’ve been open to learning what this chapter in Portsmouth had to teach you about your heart, your space, your creativity. I’m very interested in hearing more as you continue in this direction! And thank you for the book recommendation — I just ordered it. 🙂


  4. Thank you, Jane, for sharing your inspirational journey of coming home. Sometimes I think that being away from home helps us to truly appreciate all that home is to us. I can relate to much of what you write about and I am thrilled to read your words and follow your experience. Your spirit is so open and bright and beautiful and shows through your creative art. I am happy for you that you are where you need to be and I am sending happy loving thoughts your way Sally


    1. Sally, your words mean so much ESPECIALLY because of your great personal insight and your zest for living life to the fullest. I am so blessed to have you in and around my life at least vicariously through your great brother! Happy thanksgiving!


  5. Welcome back home Jane and David! I look forward to relaxing and fun times with you in your cosy home. Being on such a journey is so important for each of us to appreciate who we are, what we need, and where we are going both physically and emotionally. I am glad you listened to all of that.


  6. How do I subscribe to your blog? I love what you have to say, and would like to follow you on this beautiful adventure of yours…..and my husband and I have that book. He is the introvert….


  7. I still remember the day that you registered to vote, having just moved to Canterbury, N. H. I remember thinking what a special lady you were (are) & something about you that was as lovely inside as outside. Canterbury is a very special place indeed and I truly loved living there for 35 years. Different times, different life, but I shall always treasure my fond memories of this lovely New England town. May you & David enjoy your lovely home and the peace and happiness that comes with it. Your home was built with a lot of love so it is no wonder that YOU love it so much.
    Sincerely, Marcia


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