The chemistry of color changes; autumn fashion tones 2015

japan-autumn-leavesColor changes with light. And light changes with the seasons depending on how high the sun is in the sky. What looks pink in one season looks beige in another, what looks subtle and delicate at one time can look garish at another and what is comforting can suddenly become unsettling. It is the atmosphere diffusing the light, the distance from us either concentrating or thinning it and the reflection of color from surrounding objects bouncing into it that causes this trickery.

The need to seasonally change cosmetic color can be seen as vain or unnecessarily trendy but if harmony is the goal it is worth considering. As an example, suntanned skin reflecting on vivid lipstick color tones it down through the white-hot summer sun rays to look appropriate and flattering. Nature knows what it is doing; the alchemy of temperature and sunlight changes colors naturally in the plant world so that our optic nerves can appreciate the non-jarring autumn russets and golds where in the summer sunlight those colors would simply disappear.

Like it or not, we are affected by color around us as it stimulates our hormones because we view it through our optic nerves. Pleasure and pain is part of daily life but we seek pleasure more often because it creates internal calm so surrounding ourselves with seasonally appropriate color feels good and reinforces that harmony.

Enjoy these fall 2015 cosmetic and clothing color combinations that are borrowed from nature with the autumn sunlight lower in the sky.  Then see the following links to my make-up services so I can create a combination just for you.

Autumn greige collage

Autumn ice plant color collage Autumn plum 2015 Atumn animal print Russett fall color collage

If you are unsure of what make-up or clothing colors look best on you click here to read about Personal Color Analysis or click here to read about my Make-up Enhancement Lesson.

If you already are confident in your application and just would like me to update your make-up colors to coordinate with new clothing then click here read about my Make-up Update Service.

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