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The seasons of creative expression

DSC06459Yin and yang. In and out. Up and down.

There are equal opposites in every part of life that flavor and sweeten each other with the anticipation of the change. For what would the coming of autumn be without the memory of spring?

Thusly, there are seasons in the life of an artist. Creative expression needs fallow times to muddle on ideas, to dissect past works and imagine new possibilities…to lube up the internal engine with the combustive energy that the composting process creates to be in good working order for when the rush of out-put takes over.

Take in to be put out, retreat to advance, replenish for rebirth.

Window boxes; color study in copper
Copper leafed star fish; triple coated with clear matte urethane.

I have been in this internalized “fallow” place for sometime now aware that I have been absent from this blog.  I have been muddling on new series of artwork, new creative directions and in essence remolding my artistic life itself.  And how interesting this process is because an artist thinks with his hands!  Whether it be sketched-out studies, or word plays, or tending a garden, the simple act of staying in motion lets the thoughts flow…

Part of what I am thinking about is this blog.  When I started this to catalog my creative expressions and showcase my artwork, my buddy Lynn said that this was a big commitment (and I value her insights) and then those blogging Gods say you are failure unless you post regularly. These seem to be the facts. However, the creative process does not work like that and it’s a big assumption that you will even be in the least bit interested. I love the creative process of writing and photographing and composing posts but do you even care??

I need your feedback.  Please leave me a comment and would you take the time to answer this quick survey???



10 thoughts on “The seasons of creative expression”

  1. I always enjoy hearing from you, Jane, but your friend was right, a blog can be demanding. Personally, I wouldn’t worry too much about adhering to a strict schedule. This should be fun for you, and when it’s no longer a good thing, stop. (But I hope you don’t anytime soon, ’cause I love reading about what you’re up to! 🙂 )


      1. Yes, I took the poll. As for “why anyone would want to read about you,” well, I can’t speak for others, but for myself, I love reading about the ideas, inspirations and challenges of someone whose creativity I value and admire. 😀


  2. From your very first post I’ve thought your blog has stood out. Its always beautiful to look at, and you always have something interesting to say. I’m reminded by this Father’s Day that you wrote about your own dad for Father’s Day a year or two ago. And it does not bother me one bit that your blog isn’t produced every single day. Frankly some who are so disciplined as to type and hit ‘send’ with regularity eventually hit a few dry spots. It’s easy to drift off. Because your blog comes in at irregular intervals, it’s always like a little surprise present. And I often read it first. Maybe that’s because I know you? Could be.

    Hope you continue…


    1. Thank you L.E. What an interesting perspective…that irregularity has more meaning. This could be another blog post! So I am getting from the poll and from comments that what people are interested in is the “thinking” process NOT the end result. I am all about the process – that is where the joy is – so great! Thanks for taking the time to comment. Jane


  3. Jane, I agree with the others about regularity not being important. I have heard that advice too, but I think that applies if you are promoting a business or you are really invested in building a big following. And even then, I think regularity is overrated, because we all get enough in our Inboxes — I would rather that no one post just for the sake of posting, but save it for when they are feeling inspired. Also want to say that I always read your blog posts, even though I am not very good about commenting.


    1. Margie, I really appreciate you writing with so much thought. This has been an interesting discussion…funny how we hear statistics outside practical application. I am taking to heart what you have said and feel much more comfortable in my skin.


  4. Hi Jane, I’m late to comment but I’m with the others. As a matter of fact, I don’t post on a set schedule and my stories are about many different things…depending on what is happening in my life. Write when you want and about what you want and I believe you will always make us happy.


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