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The colours of Roussillon

 I have discovered while on holiday this week, that each hill village here in Provence has its own visual character. Yes, Provençal Style conjures up well known images but as an artist I have found the nuances fastinating.  Each village based on orientation to the sun and the mineralized earth around it informs the personality of the enhabitants.  Historically lives are formed from this.

And so Roussillon with its hills rich with ochre has literally built itself on the pursuit of color.  This long wave-length high-energy color tinged with sunlight yellow invites compliments of other vivid tones sharing in the same base color yellow.  Houses are stuccoed and shutters are washed in this palette of warmth.

10 thoughts on “The colours of Roussillon”

  1. Loved your photos… you must be having a blast! I remember those ice cream colors…. try the noisette. If you get to Nice, there was a place on Rue de France called La Coupole. Best ice cream ever, and clever concoctions for sundaes. Mmmm, so many good things to eat, so little time. Enjoy, and safe journey home. Lynn

  2. Awesome photos! I love the colors. As having Grapheme Synesthesia I appreciate colors strongly. Thanks for sharing.

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