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Snow day reprieve; time for the studio


Its been 2 weeks since I packed up my studio in Canterbury along with my life and moved to our little colonial in Portsmouth, NH.  Scraping, painting and unpacking the household has been my life thus far so today with “Blizzard 2015” I have had a day just for the studio.

Unpacking and sorting…deleting and abbreviating…repurposing and organizing in 1/3 the space of my former studio.  This process is good for the soul; letting go of what once was useful for the possibility of something new, learning to see different associations and finding that old collections serve up new inspirations.  Such a metaphor for life…reducing size for the appreciation of minutia!  Snuggle up…

studio 1 b & a studio 2 b & a


IMG_1388 IMG_1389


6 thoughts on “Snow day reprieve; time for the studio”

  1. Oh, it looks so beautiful down there in the snow, Jane. And your new studio looks lovely… everything you touch. This new space will give you new ideas and brand new work…. something for all of us to look foward to. Keep working! L.


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