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Flowers in the snow; new artwork

Flowers in the snowMy studio was a cheery place this last month in December; the snow piled up outside while gardens grew inside.  Inspired by my previous abstracted-nature works, my client Heather Brountas commissioned me to create a painted and quilted textile art work to grace the wall behind her Portsmouth office desk. So I painted flowers and painted flowers and painted flowers…

The color palette came from her existing scheme of hanging artworks;  watery sky views, ocean pastels and the warm complex white on the walls.heather color layout

I painted cotton fabric using my mono-print technique—paint goes on my board then the fabric gets “printed” with it.  I stitched flowers together in random clumps then stitched the clumps together randomly.

DSC06222 DSC06226 DSC06227 %22A stroll thru the garden%22; janebalshaw.comWhat do you think?


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