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Color study; festivus digitus


Vivid red and evergreen against pure white; classic seasonal colors.  Taken from snowy winter landscapes, the combination is uplifting and bright.   We see it repeated and repeated this time of year so why not on festive toenails too?!!

If you want your colors to pop, set them against a neutral background—like white—with proportions of approximately 2/3 neutral to 1/3 color.  To be exact, use the golden ratio of 1.61803 to 1.  As an example, if you have a wall that measures 8′ x 8′ for a total of 64 square feet, the perfect size of an artwork to hang there is 24 square feet or 4′ x 5’ish.  If other furniture is against the wall count its size within the number also.  It’s the “negative” space of the neutral color that allows your artwork to show off.


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