Wearing Holiday RED lips

lipgloss makingRed, red; stop them dead.  Hush, gush; it goes to their heads!  Breathless, exciting, dangerous and festive, nothing says celebrate like the color R E D.  And if you don’t dare wear it in your clothing add just a dash in the form of lip tint.  There is a color for everyone –  rich and burnished or classic like winter berries on our snow laden landscape…

…or sheer.  S H E E R.  Like Euchlora’s classic holiday “Red Red” mica shimmer lipgloss.  Just a hush of red.  It’s red but sooooo see through its safe for the least daring of you and non-toxic good-for-your-lips conditioning.  There are some in the Canterbury stairwell to take home and here in the Portsmouth studio I have every shade of red.  Or have me custom create your very own holiday shade.

Merry merry!