Old House rehab 8; the laundry and new half bath

Laundry hook-up wall B&A

The once inside, then outside, then inside again room in this old house contained the most history and was the room that needed the most help.  It’s laundry facilities were battered and out of code draining into main pipes that were leaking and the 40″ apart floor joists let the tile floor sag and crack.  So it was a gut job allowing us to then incorporate a 1/2 bath.

The first step was to rip out the floor to expose the pipes to replace them, run new plumbing for the 1/2 bath and update the laundry pipes.  (see post #3 Uncovering the Layers)  New floor joists were installed and new subfloor was laid.

I had speculated that this room was returned to an inside room around 1964.  However, once the painting began I noticed some details I had missed before.laundry photo of wall detailUnderneath that paneling was remnants of some Art Deco wall trim circa 1930-1940.art deco trimThis then made sense of the layers of paint colors that were clearly seen underneath the door trim.  The Deco trim was a chair-railing wall border to either the earliest sliver of yellow or the bright green paint.  The color history shows us an earlier pink—circa 1920—then takes us forward through 1950-1960 teal blue which is how we found the place with its coordinating wall paper painted over.  So my first guess at this becoming an inside room again around 1960 was incorrect; more likely it did shortly after the house’s arrival to its current foundation in 1900.deco trim and paintI painted the walls the same lively cream color as throughout the house.  David installed new bead board in a white-white to continue the bright white theme of the adjoining kitchen along with the same plank vinyl flooring in the kitchen.  Lighting and vanity from Lowes, mirror from Target.  Since the room was to become a 1/2 bath as well, we had to scout out a door for privacy.  It was an odd size so David found a vintage one that fit perfectly at the Habitat for Humanity ReStore Salvage shop in Portsmouth; just $20!  Sanding, washing and several coats of paint.

laundry door hallway B&Alaundry door inside B&Alaundry room John B&ALaundry hook-up wall B&Alaundry sink wall B&ADSC06117DSC06128I would live in this house!  I really enjoy your comments.



8 responses to Old House rehab 8; the laundry and new half bath

  1. Anonymous

    you did all this and a simple blender got the better of you 🙂 Kudos- this has been a fun journey with you.


  2. Anonymous

    Oh, no….is it over? Quick, find another one before I go into withdrawal! 🙂

    All that place has to offer, plus an extra powder room AND a laundry? That house is going to make someone very happy.


    • janebalshaw Post Author

      SOOOOooo happy you have enjoyed reading this! There is another creative project coming up that posts about will start in January. Stay tuned…


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