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Opening the doors to my studio 11/8 and 9

DSC04849Why does an artist make original art?  I mean, really…when there are lovely patterns to follow and kits to be assembled, books to be read, movies to watch and friends to be seen..???  Especially someone like me who makes my “living” 40 hours a week in another way, why do I feel compelled—and, yes, driven—to express myself through making my original art trumping all other forms of entertainment?  It’s this need to get the ideas out of my psyche to be shared (much like this blogging has become).

And so I am opening the doors to the space where I express myself—my studio, my workshop, my inner sanctum, my absent-minded-professor space—to share my processes with you.  I hope to be actual working on something during this time so you can see how I do what I do but will also have LOADS of artwork hanging to show you (some will be for sale) and I am doing some interior design staging of my expanded studio space into the house demonstrating how art & color can enhance a room.

Please stop by Saturday or Sunday November 8th and 9th, 2014 between 10 and 5 to have a look and say hi.  I am open during the state-wide NH Open Doors week-end so many of my fellow artisans in Canterbury will also be open. CLICK HERE to print out a Canterbury driving itinerary I put together for you.  I hope to see some new faces!!

12 Cogswell Hill Road; Canterbury, New Hampshire

Sat/Sun Nov. 8 & 9   TEN O’CLOCK – FIVE O’CLOCK


DSC04852DSC04554DSC04553DSC04507water series 2Jonquils at Seayellow_spice

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