Color Theory, Make-up

It’s time to change your make-up colors

color_NEWHopefully most of us are getting to spend more time outside now!  Along with that sun exposure comes a deepened skin tone so what make-up colors you wore beautifully in the winter are now probably making your skin look a little dull.  Your foundation probably looks a little gray/pasty, your blush may look dull and your eyeshadows might just disappear.  Here is the color theory on that.

gray + yellow:redMelanin (skin pigment) is a yellow-red brownish color. A less pigmented skin will take on a bluish gray cast as the more translucent cells show off the blue blood flow beneath [blood only turns red when it is exposed to air].  When you combine the blueish gray with the yellow-red it makes brown skin color.

To flatter a pale skin tone that is cooler/bluer, more subtle and less pigmented with that yellow-red,  softer & grayer, more complex colors work best.

To flatter a darker skin tones that are warmer, redder and more pigmented, make-up colors need to be brighter color to show up.  

Subtle grayish/brownish make-up tones turn to mud when applied to darkened skin tones that are naturally saturated with yellow-red pigment; they neutralize or cancel each other out.  Wear brighter colors instead.

winter summer blushdsc03818

Contact me for your free-of-charge make-up update to try on some new make-up colors or have a new foundation blended.  Right now many of us are favoring mineral powder foundations blended to just the right color and texture; they feel light weight in the heat/humidity and provide an SPF protection of around 26.

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