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50th birthday comedy club

DSC05397My husband David turned 50 over the week-end.  To celebrate his transition he decided to let his normally shy self out of the proverbial ziplocked bag and showcase his hidden talent for stand-up comedy.  Our small barn became a club & hosted a hilarious evening with friends!  See his video debut below.

The marquee sign was made from foam core.  I painted the edges with artist’s acrylic paint, punched holes through for a strand of Christmas tree lights that I place clear bulbs through.  All was duct taped in the back to stay flat.  Words were printed on my large format ink jet printer onto tabloid size paper.

party invitationThe PDF invitation was made in the Pages program of my apple computer.

Our guests were asked to bring some finger food to share and a joke to tell.  The actual intent of the evening was a surprise.  Knock knock…who’s there…DSC05401



DSC05372The Whinery sign above the bar/counter was made by lightly painting a piece of wood with semi-gloss wall paint.  For ease I purchased a pre-cut piece of thin plywood at Michael’s Crafts.  I then laid out the lettering in my computer, used the “flip” function to reverse the words then printed it out again on my large-scale format printer.  I taped this onto the board print-side down and traced the outline of the words.  The ink on the paper leaves lines so I then had a pattern to color in.  I simply used a felt tip pen for speed and ease.

“The Whinery…get it off your chest.”

DSC05374One of the best gags of the evening was David’s “microphone”.  Fashioned from a round of plywood, some PVC pipe and a rubber-banded black sock, it provided a great prop for many, MANY jokes…”Hey, it this thing on?”  “Can you hear me in the back?”, “Let me get closer to the mike”, heads were banged on it (with faux feed-back sound from the audience) and we pretended to pull the mike off the stand.  It only stayed somewhat propped up because of the hole David drilled into the floor of his “stage”.
DSC05385 DSC05387DSC05392DSC05394DSC05386

See David perform his routine at his own just-for-fun blog site

staring in the face of 50

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