TAD talks. Canterbury.

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David and I have an idea “worth sharing” – TAD talks; Canterbury.

In the interest of community and using the long winter months as a time for reflection and innovation, David and I would like to start a discussion group in our home art-studio inspired by the TED talks format.  Our subjects: Technology, the Arts & Design.
The loose idea is to gather around some wine or tea, pick a topic for the week and flush out our thoughts on it.  Maybe some art making would be involved???  Maybe watching a TED talk together???  The desired end result would be mentoring friendship, personal inspiration and expanding our creative awareness.  A drop in, come when you can format.
Monday nights 6:30 – 9:00 starting January 6th through February, 2014.
If anyone out there is interested please email me and I will start an email list then be in contact with the details.

9 responses to TAD talks. Canterbury.

  1. Anonymous

    Ok – lesson learned. Always read the instructions! I am leaving Sunday the 5th with Dad for Florida. We will be gone through February possible into March. Would love to see you both -Janet Valdez


  2. Irene Johmson

    Hi Jane,

    Interesting and would like to know more.  Will talk when I see you you.  Love, Irene


  3. Joy Dobson Way

    Jane & David,

    Looks great – let us know how it goes. Happy New Year to both of you!

    Best, Joy

    Sent from my iPad


  4. donnaanddiablo

    Fabulous idea, Jane! I wish I lived a bit closer, as I’d love to participate, but I don’t think it’s realistic for me. I sure hope it goes, though, as I love the idea…. Hugs, l


  5. julesprobinson


    This sounds like so much fun!  I have two conflicts that might cause a problem.  I am chair of our Con Commission and we meet the 1st Monday of the month and Ed and I just signed up for the Coop series on Monday nights!  Can I come to the ones that I can or does that cause problems?  I will give you a call next week, I want to set up a time to see you for product and personally!  Love you  Jules


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