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Revisiting Seamless Living

DSC04847Happy Birthday blog!  It’s been just over a year since I made my first post to this site!  🙂  Through the burps and stops as life intervened, my not-so-nice panic attacks [so sorry Sandy & Jules] and my insecure melt-downs that cost me my voice, I am still drawn to this form of expression.  Are you still with me?  One year later, I am revisiting the idea that caused me to start this in the first place, the idea of Seamless Living, living my life doing what “floated my boat”.  In case you are interested….

At some milestone in life – probably at age 50 – I realized that I should stop waiting until I got to the bottom of my to-do list before I could indulge myself in creative expression. I realized that My LIfe and all the creativity I was drawn to express was to be lived now and that The List was perhaps something I was just hiding behind.  I realized that perhaps THIS is what all the sage advice was referring to as “living in the moment”!

I had an epiphany; what if I integrated all that I was waiting to do with all that I imagined I had to do; no boundaries, seamlessly.  And out came a new way of living for me; “Jane B” – plan B; the re-imagined, re-invented and if the truth be told, more of the real me.  And this epiphany is what I now refer to as Seamless Living.

This Seamless Living concept is the act of experiencing the relationships between the seemingly unrelated in life, of living without experiential boundaries through all my senses.  It is living creativity rather than merely “being creative” through a designated singular experience.

Seamless Living is living creativity rather than merely “being creative” through a designated singular experience.

Creativity happens in the middle of the stream when you have let go of the edge and are floating without boundaries.  And in this way, when I let myself float within my daily activities without the rigid boundaries of category, I am finding more time, more inspiration in everything and noticing more of the world around me.  Sure we all have things we have to do – like bookkeeping or flossing our teeth or changing diapers –  but to live the experience through the filter of creativity merging all one’s senses breeds joy and delight.

This blog is the on-line journal of my explorations in creativity through Seamless Living.  It is my personal challenge, if you will, to see the creative in the uninspiring, to notice beauty in the ordinary and find the connections in the human experience we call life.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy the creative process of “scrap booking” my experiments.


2 thoughts on “Revisiting Seamless Living”

  1. Hi Jane, I am blown away by your insight!  I read every blog and love them.  You offer an opportunity for reflection and deep thinking. Thank you. Your friend, Irene


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