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Following the seasons

garden 9:13

I have always found it interesting how our bodies react to the world around us, ebbing and flowing, influenced by light, temperature and humidity.  We are a world unto ourselves; the same rules apply as to the world around us.  Makes me wonder about the adage “We were created in the image of the creator”.  Hmmmmm….

This time of year as the sun begins it journey towards its winter placement in the lowest part of the sky, I can feel the energy from it lessening as do the plants around me.  The beginning of Autumn sparks this time and reminds us to conserve, to pull in and to allow ourselves to rest & recoup.  And it works so well here in northern New England; the temperature and weather eventually forces this upon us.

When I lived on the other coast to the left of here it was an entirely different story.  I have had conversations with many folks over the years who hailed from there and settled here; the story is always the same.  The temperate climate and continual light stimulated; our bodies rarely wanted to slow down.

Could it be that the physical climate is an influencing factor for the go-go social climate of the urban west coast?  And is this go-go climate of additive adrenaline surges creating unrealistic expectations?  The more we do, the more we want to do so then we try to extend the work day with artificial “day light”?  The recent studies about how the “day light colored” computers screens are keeping us awake at night seem to validate this hypothesis.

It is hard for most of us to fit it ALL in during a single day.  My life is so easy compared to others with many more obligations.  However, each year I like to let this Autumn equinox serve as a re-set in my thinking to shorten my list as the day light is shortening and put to rest some of my striving in the same way my garden does, going to rest following the season.

Happy autumn everyone!


6 thoughts on “Following the seasons”

  1. Lovely, Jane, and oh so true. I find myself starting to “nest” at this time of year–digging out favored throws for the couch, pulling out well-loved fleeces, flipping through soup recipes and stocking up on marshmallows. 🙂 I love the change of seasons….as you say, it’s a perfect natural reminder to step back, reassess, and perhaps re prioritize. Wishing you a delicious fall… Xox, l

  2. So true about the effect of the seasons, Jane. I lived for a year in the Caribbean and the constant sun and good weather never gave my soul a chance to rest. I used to love a good rain storm, because then I didn’t feel guilty about staying inside and attending to indoor things. Thanks for the good reminder about one of the purposes of fall and winter.

    1. Thank you for the comment David. My David and I have wondered if this concept was the same in places like the Caribbean where it seems that the indigenous folks move much more languidly. So does this mean then that some of this unrest is something in our anglo genes? The inability to moderate? Or is it that we artists types are just more sensitive to our surroundings? Big topic…

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