Caring make-up; camouflage

We can tend to think of wearing make-up as a frivolous, unneccessary act knowing that we are great just the way we are.  Put aside the fact that it is fun, enhances our best features and can add a little dance to our step, for some people wearing make-up is self-esteem building. To keep prying eyes off a disfigurement or a birthmark can make the difference between seamless life-living or lots of uncomfortable stops and starts.

This month of September my work tends to focus on make-up.  We all are shopping for new clothes and need a new lipstick or something to coordinate, but I am also rededicating myself to the art of special-needs camouflage make-up.  I am ditching the photography of my older work and am updating my before and after portfolio.  See the first two in the series below.  If you know of anyone who has a Port Wine Stain birth mark or any kind disfigurement that they would like help concealing, please send them my way.  As a thank you for letting me photograph them before and after, I will be happy to give them my services plus a full set of make-up to use at home.  

See more about my Camouflage service and my camouflage make-up products.

BeforenAfter varicose veinsBeforenAfter tatoo