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My indoor garden


I did a fun project this week to add a little more ambience to my Euchlora spa/studio.  I love the fireplaces with their aged brick but with the sofa pushed up against the one in the waiting room lounge it seemed dark and like we all avoided sitting there.  The candles were nice but not enough.  So I got the idea for a garden….DSC04476

Purchased an outdoor fountain at LowesDSC04464

Added some rocks and then a plant…DSC04465

Purchased a clamp-on lamp but removed the clamp, put in a grow light bulb…DSC04467

…then laid it on the hearth facing the plants.DSC04480

Arranged the rocks to sort of cover the electrical cords…DSC04479Then I built my sofa table in front of it.  David framed a couple of old cupboard doors we had then I spray painted the frame with galvanized paint then had glass cut to make a shadow box. For legs I used a couple of galvanized planter boxes…DSC04470 DSC04471

Everything assembled; a shadow box display of painted personalized color swatches, light on, fountain on, voila….   Denise R. and I decided it changed the whole feeling of the place.DSC04475DSC04482

For the full experience, watch this video and hear the sound…turn up your volume.  If you are reading this post by email you will probably need to click through to the website to actually be able to play the video.

9 thoughts on “My indoor garden”

  1. Lovely, Jane. There’s nothing more soothing than the sound of water. And given that you and Denise R both have exquisite taste, I’m quite certain that this little addition was quite transformative…. :-). Hugs, L


  2. I love your description of the whole process in pictures and words. It looks lovely and is a wonderful addition to the room, I am sure. I couldn’t watch the video; so….I’ll have to come to visit soon!!


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