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Accessorizing with color; my spring shopping


Ready, set, go!  As I was telling Kathy S. yesterday, I don’t care much for shopping –  the ‘ol body image thing, the exhaustion, the sales-pitchy people – so I speed shop.  I do it twice a year, in the spring and in the fall, then I am done.

Let me share my strategy this spring.  After enjoying several fashion magazines/blogs, perusing my professional color journals and viewing my favorite clothing manufacturers, I came up with a plan.  I know my body type and I know my need for loose, comfortable, washable clothes for my work life so I decided on just solid neutral colors for separate clothing pieces.  Black, ivory and mushroom for spring then I will add white in the summer.  My go-to J. Jill cropped pants and tanks, and Chicos stretch jeans (LOVE them).separates

Then I chose three colors from the array of new spring colors to accessorize with and wear layered over in the form of over-blouses or “vesty” things.  In color theory, the most sophisticated color combinations are one or two neutrals* combined with just one more color.

  • I chose banana yellow as my first color because it is a yellow with a cool background tone yet browned out – a lot like my own skin color – so very wearable and very neutralized.  Purchased all my basics in that color….even nail color!


  • I chose that coral (aka tangerine) as a second color.  Shoes and an over blouse…


  • As a third color I will work in bits of hot pink reflected here in just a strap….the black and ivory over blouse plus the new necklace in silver and black give me some more to work with too…


So my color line up will look like this…only 2 neutrals with one accent color each time I assemble an outfit.  The combinations are endless…color combinations

As a final accessory I have started a new collection of make-up colors to work with.DSC04455

 FROM LEFT TO RIGHT EYESHADOWS: Papyrus and Goddess (both go completely neutral on my skin & pick up the banana color), Nearly Charcoal (a warm, greeney gray that mimics the mushroom clothing color and enhances the gray-green of my eyes), Copper Penny (a pinky copper that matches the peach in my skin & the coral wardrobe accents), Plum (that picks up on the coral/hot pink tones & makes my eyes to look greener).

LIP COLORS LEFT TO RIGHT:  Who’s that Girl (a sheer golden peach that will be my neutral color this spring), Ginger (a neutralized coral) and Cosmopolitan (a vivid hot pink for when I feel daring!)

CHEEK COLOR: Apricot Mist (a sheer pinky coraly color that will be neutral with the other colors)

If you need help understanding color combinations that are best on you, please consider my personal color analysis; click here.  Want some new make-up colors as an accessory? Click here to read about your options.

* “Neutral” colors defined are those that occur naturally in your personal coloring;  your hair color, your eye color and your skin color.  With my salt and pepper hair, for me “neutral” is black, ivory and gray.  With my skin color, “neutral” is cool peachy yellow and with my eye color “neutral” is the range of gray greens or green grays.