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Loosing my voice


Not the raspy, Kathleen Turner sore-throat thing (although there is something to be said for her mystique minus the cigarette)…but my artists voice – my ability to express myself through words or on canvas, or, even know what to express.   I understand that it happens to the best of us – but you would not know it from the prolifery [a Janeism] of words pouring forth from my fellow bloggers.  But it has happened to me recently.  Note my easter post very untimely well past easter.

It seems to me that the ability to create from within has to with margins.  Ah yes, margins again.  Art looks improved hanging on a wall when surrounded by margins of negative/nothing space… on a plate looks more appetizing when there is more plate than food showing (is that why bands of color on the edge of a dish was originally designed?)……and I do my best work when I have lots of space and time surrounding me, just before and just after.

I have been working a lot lately with a 1 1/4 hour commute at either side of my day.  The accumulative result of this temporary experiment is incredible (and promises many inspiring future posts!).  However in the meantime, I let my margins disappear.  So starting this week-end I am readjusting by reminding myself of the importance of the “state of  nothing”.

Do you have any thoughts to share on how you maintain creativity or how you jump-start yourself?  Please leave a comment…


10 thoughts on “Loosing my voice”

  1. Ahhh, Jane, I am familiar with that state of being when “your muse has left the building.” ;-). I find that getting out in nature–listening to bird song; smelling freshly mown grass, or (more recently) that crisp, fresh cleansed, post-snowfall air; pausing to listen to the sonorous buzz of the peepers–is incredibly restorative. I also like to turn back to the things that feed my soul–an afternoon wandering through the galleries of a favorite museum, a morning lost in the pages of a beloved book–these are the things that renew me…..


    1. Yes Yes Lori! All those things for me too. By creating the margins I have time for those things…exactly. Cooking for me as well. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. 🙂


      1. Yes, cooking too! The fragrance of garlic cooking in butter, inhaled while holding a beautiful glass of Old Vine Zin or perhaps a nice Chianti–does it get any better?!….. Sending you BIG hugs…. L


  2. Great food for thought, Jane. My margin is achieved through organization. When I feel creativity is elusive, it is usually because of clutter – once I spend some time clearing the physical space then the mental space seems to magically come back into alignment.


  3. I am lucky because usually a fresh start first thing in the morning, and maintaining uninterrupted concentration, gets the thing going. If it doesn’t … I get up and walk away from it. Tomorrow is another day.


  4. Your post really resonates with me, Jane. I am in a place of very little margin right now, and my watercolor painting has been pushed beyond the margin. I find that creative expression takes courage and discipline. When my margin disappears I find myself gravitating toward passive and comfortable activities. It’s not a place I want to be, but I’m hoping that bringing my awareness to it will begin to create a shift.


    1. Hi David – First, thank you for taking the time to read my post! I was just writing to someone as your comment came in about how we need to give ourselves permission to be in a funk and give ourselves a break. Creating a place of rest and comfort is sometimes just what we need to get jump started again. Rather than fighting it, right? I know that both of us time will circle back to our place of creativity if we just give it the space to do so. Love your watercolors so much!!


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