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As I see it, it’s all about attitude


It’s snowing again. The slanted sky lights in my studio have accumulated their sliding slump of snow lighting my desk with that ominous gray haze…I am longing for spring.

It is funny how attitude can change all observation.   Let me rewrite that opening sentence as if it were the first snow of the season.  “Ah, it’s snowing!  The slanted sky lights in my studio have accumulated that familiar layer of translucent fluff softening the light filtering through to my desk…what a perfect day to sit and reflect”.

Turns out, our own perception is what makes our reality.  Circumstances and information may never change but how we choose to interpret them is what makes them become real to us.  And what means one thing to someone may have an entirely different meaning to someone else.  Trying to convince someone to see it your way?  This is the stuff that wars are made of.

In navigating through my own life I try really hard to keep this in mind; what I observe in someone else may not be the way they see themselves.  And vice versa.  What ideals I hold sacred may be rubbish to someone else (like perhaps even this post).  But the key for me is to acknowledge, and even embrace, the differences while allowing for the possibility that they may never be my view.  As I see it we are all part of the same photo; some more colored, some more black & white with varying focuses.  And when you really think about, what would light be without shadows to show it off, or in this case, what would spring flowers be without the snow?


Our chairs buried in winter.  Rephrased: memories of summer


My lonely garden shed.  Rephrased: my spring storehouse.  


The gray gloom of winter.  Rephrased:  an artistic study of neutral color.  


Moral of the story; when snow comes make snow angels.  


Thank-you to the ham, Tobias my cat.  A.k.a.: Toby, Toby Toberson (because he looks Swedish) the Tob-myster and Tobus Maximus (because he is full of energy and sort-of kind-of has a Roman profile).

14 thoughts on “As I see it, it’s all about attitude”

  1. Great perspective, Jane – I agree wholeheartedly with your outlook – and with Toby’s!

    1. Thank you Lori. 🙂 Coming from you I take the “LOVE” as a high compliment! And yes…we think Tobias is a budding many things. Can’t love him much more….

  2. What a wonderful twist on attitude. I love Toby playing in the snow. My dog loves to play in the white “fluff”!

  3. I guess its about being grateful for ALL that we have…..what color is your sunrise? xoxojules

  4. So true. And during the dead of winter I’ve been know to say, Spring is almost here, although I love winter too!

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