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And…he’s done. Storm Nemo.



Storm Nemo has finally passed through and now it’s the clean up.  I am posting a few pictures for those family and friends that were curious.  As soon as that handsome guy in the orange suit comes in from clearing our and our elderly neighbors driveways, it will be grilled jack cheese on rye with Deb’s Champagne Maple Mustard and Traders Joes organic roasted red pepper and tomato soup!






9 thoughts on “And…he’s done. Storm Nemo.”

  1. Wowza! That’s a lot of snow. Thanks for sharing. Bonus points for helping out the old folks. Enjoy your yummy lunch.

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      1. Our drive looks pretty much the same. So does my husband, although he prefers the one-piece suit!
        Wolfeboro Bay is dotted with bob houses…. there’s a fishing derby up here, and there is a village of all different shapes and sizes. Alton Bay is the same, except that their fishing village has a runway, and some of the fishermen show up in planes! That is exciting to watch. Those fishermen will not be denied their fun! New Hampshire…. gotta love it! 🙂


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