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Open Studio this week-end!

This coming week-end November 3 -4 I am once again participating in the NH Open Doors studio tour.  The League of NH Craftsman, whom I am member of for my textile art, and NH Hampshire Made, whom I am a member of for my Euchlora Skincare products, have teamed together to sponsor a state wide tour of artisans showcasing their wares in their studios.

This year I am showing in Portsmouth at my Strawbery Banke Euchlora  skincare and cosmetic studio because I thought it would be another opportunity for people to see it when I am not otherwise busy with client appointments.  Please stop by to see how I have been spending my spare time while in “the zone” making art!  Please forward this link and spread the word for anyone interested in seeing what I am all about.   Read more below…The artwork at the head of this post is a new one sewn from mono-printed, hand-painted and dyed fabrics that I then stitch together to form a design then I over-stitch it with batting below to make it into a quilted piece.  I then stretch the piece over a frame to give the impression of an abstract painting.  I love this process of making a painting by painting then assembling.  The whole process is a creation as go; I never know what I will get in the end.

Header piece: Untitled right now.  Piece below created by the same process: “Under Current”.This piece below, “Bloomery”, was inspired by a photo I saw in an issue of Early Homes Magazine.  It was a photo of the remaining underground portion of the bloomery in Jamestown that our earliest Colonial settlers used to smelt the bog iron found there.  I loved the pattern that the old bricks made, colors tainted with minerals and time, settled here and there into a random pattern.  This is my interpretation of that used bits of hand-painted and hand-printed fabrics then stitched together.  This one you may recognize from an earlier post “A Day in the Studio; the gift of time”.  It is now finished and I love how the quilting enhanced the painting and piecing.  It is untitled yet still…do you have any ideas for a name?  Please help me name it by Saturday!

If you decide to come, here is a link to an itinerary showing other artists that are near me.  Make a day of it at the seacoast!

10 thoughts on “Open Studio this week-end!”

  1. So excited for you, Jane! Will try my damnedest to make it over to P’mouth over the weekend. As for a title, what about “Turbulence,” or “Upper Atmospheric Disturbance?” or “Sandy?”. 😉


    1. Thank you for the wording suggestions Lori. They got me to thinking…so the one at the top of this post with the dark blues and grays with splashes of yellow is entitled “Turbulence” inspired by your suggestions!


  2. Jane, Jane my beautiful friend! You artwork is amazing! This one says the river swift to me. your talent keeps growing! Good luck this weekend I would love to come but am working!


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