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A Matter of Perspective

Here in Canterbury where I live, we loose power when the clouds barely sneeze; just a little snort will do it.  And on our tree-lined dirt road we are always the last to get the juice back on being at the end of the line, at the end of the line.   So when our utility company warned us to be ready for hurricane Sandy we hunkered down.  Water? Check. Ice? Check. Phones charged? Check.

So while the rest of the lower east coast suffered such devastation, we privileged Canterburians up here did our own version riding out the storm while we lost power for three days.  Here is what my daughter (who we think should be a writer for Saturday Night Live) emailed to my sister in California who we knew would be worried about us.

we have to eat our hands and faces off in order to survive until morning. we only have 3 lbs. of gourmet cheese, 4 whoopie pies, 16 chicken breasts and thighs (boneless, skinless), 24 Oktoberfest, 4 bottles of Cabernet, 8 bottles of Chardonnay-Pinot Grigio blend, 3 loaves of artisanal sourdough bread, 1/2 a pomegranate, 6 heirloom apples, 3 limes, gin, organic raspberry tonic water and raw honey….so  hopefully help will make it to us soon. Godspeed. we are writing to you now from our Verizon wireless Hotspot internet connection via MacBook Pro so we apologize for the poor connection and lack of prompt response. we know that you have been anxiously awaiting our reply since nearly an hour ago. send word to all that we will, with God’s grace, survive. you must know that we love you. we have always loved you. only love. you. until we meet again. battery running low. don’t. know. how. much. longer. we. —— fasdufhlhjlkSdfhue679wGYUEbljab”

When you adjust your perspective in contrast to the world around you, what was a little loss of power?  One always looks better by candlelight anyway.

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