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Opening party; Euchlora Portsmouth preview

It was a long week of last-minute projects leading up to the opening party of my second esthetics studio in Portsmouth but we slid into the Friday night party comfortable with my new home base.  (aided by plenty of caffeine and cheers from good friends!)
I say “we” because David was my project partner through this whole thing.  Like he has done previously for 3 of my other studios, we collaborated on the design for the fixtures, he did the building and I did all the finish work; a paint brush feels like a natural extension of my hand and he practices his esthetic vision through woodworking as a hobby.  Neither of us are experts but have a lot of fun with it.
I will have to take some more close up photos of the tables and counters we did but you can get the idea from some of these photos.  Note the faux marbling on the make-up counters and the stained legs adjoined with pegs rather than nails or screws.Here in the skincare room we designed one very long table work table for me at the head of the facial bed.  The under-lit raised shelf at the back holds all my powders, liquids and potions to blend from while providing unobstructed ambient lighting to work by keeping the room cozy and restful for my clients.  The under-the-counter refrigerator stores my active perishable ingredients plus bottled water (and wine!) for clients too.  I love how the dressing room turned out.  We recycled some old doors from our kitchen tear-out years ago, attached them at a right angle then painted them to match the existing doors in the same style.  Painted canvas wall art by me.  (Note the pretty flowers send to me from Jules and Ed – thank you!!)On the opposite wall in the skincare room is the VIEW of the water and historic gardens.  I designed the skin consultation table utilizing the deep window sill there to make a complete table size while not taking up too much of the room space.  Because of the 1/2 round shape, the door to the closet on the right that holds my towels and sheets, swings open comfortably.  David made this table for me Wednesday & Thursday night (after long days at his real job as a mortgage lender) and I finished painting it Friday morning early!!  I LOVE the Benjamin Moore low VOC paint “ben”.  Unlike all the zero VOC paints that go on so gummy and streaky, this is a primer and paint in one, dries and sands instantly and two coats covered the raw wood beautifully.  I was not aware of any gassing off smell.  White leather chairs from Crate and Barrel outlet; painted canvas wall art by me.  I am pleased with how the little desk refurbished.  Remember from my second “Euchlora in Portsmouth” post how the desk had an unfinished back.  The shelves of products and the certificates/licenses in the back round it out.  I am thinking I will change the positioning of the mirror though…seems kind of low doesn’t it?  A much better picture of this area is needed.David and I enjoying the party.One of my favorite people, a wonderful client and special friend Denise, and her husband Dan (now a friend too!), joined us to celebrate.  They are responsible for my inspired “Seamless Living” first blog posting and “Sand Painting Fabric” post as we were guests at their home in Maine where the writing took place.  Some of my quilted artwork in the back ground to demonstrate off my Triadic Color Theory.After the party we 4 walked down the street and went to dinner at “Four”.  I have to praise this place…it is essentially a steak house with fabulous side dishes but they were able to cheerfully and artistically accommodate a vegan palette; all on a busy Friday night with the film festival in town!A great start to a new adventure!  Hoo-raw!

12 thoughts on “Opening party; Euchlora Portsmouth preview”

  1. CONGRATS on your new space, Jane! It is just beautiful!! I’m really sorry we weren’t able to make the opening–too many irons in the fire this weekend. 😦 And what a wonderful photo of Dan and Denise–they are such sweethearts! Best of luck with”studio #2, though I know you won’t need it. You are one talented lady with a fabulous line of products and services ( my skin has never looked better!). Xoxo, L


  2. Lori knows of what she speaks!… most certainly *are* one talented lady with a fabulous line of products and services. And now you’re one fabulous lady with two fabulous studios! You had the vision and you made it a reality. Dan and I were thrilled and honored to share your opening with you. Great job with the blog and pics. Big congrats to you!


  3. It all looks just lovely, as I expected it would. Great picture of you and David, too!
    Best wishes for continued success. Love, Joy


  4. Jane, what an amazing transformation since seeing the space on Sept 30…did you sleep at all between then and the opening?? I am very much looking forward to having my next facial in Portsmouth next week!


    1. Ah sleep; oh that. Admittedly, I did push the envelope a bit; up early for the first coat of paint then to my computer, then a client, then the second coat of paint etc. I was doing great until the night before when we decided (since we had been such absentee parents) that the cat could sleep with us. Like a magnet she kept getting stuck to my hip whether it was towards the window or up in the air or flat on the bed… not a restful night and oddly, my hips were aching so much!! (June is a little over weight in her old age 🙂 )


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