My first post; living life seamlessly

On this day of my first blog entry I am thinking about what makes me tick; what do I look forward to each day that gets me out of bed.  It’s a great question for all of us.  The answer for me is that it is not really a thing but a process of approaching anything I want to do or HAVE to do.  It’s that undeniable passion for the creative process that floats my boat.

As I sit here this first morning on our Maine week-end get away [thank you Denise] I am looking through paned windows filtered with gossamer white and I see boats – boats floating – and am reminded of this principle, to live my life seamlessly between all that I do using that thread of creative passion to stitch it all together.  This is what all my blog entries will be about.

2 responses to My first post; living life seamlessly

  1. Jules

    There are reasons for everything that happen in our lives. The talents we have, the work we do, the people we meet. I feel so blessed that my path crossed Jane’s, we blend like paint in the sand! Thanks for all you do and all you are!


  2. donnaanddiablo

    You are such a gifted individual, Jane, and truly an inspiration. I feel blessed to have you (and the many facets of your creativity!) in my life…. 🙂


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